Poetry by Jeff Green


The evolution revolution

by cricketjeff on July 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Evolution of itself was nothing new
Even Saint Augustine knew a thing or two
But the genius of Darwin was to see
How evolution tied the birds to you and me

He observed that nature’s built on massive waste
Instead of on resources nicely placed
The future fate of life makes clever use
Of the fact you have to thrive to reproduce

It was obvious to all (save zealous fools)
That life must always follow certain rules
But the rule that all had missed before his day
Was that most of life is always thrown away

If you haven’t got the time to have a child
Then you can’t affect the species in the wild
As a baby may inherit father’s nose
Other species do the same you should suppose

He researched and worked it out for many years
But couldn’t see the way past other’s fears
As he knew the ignorant would never see
The Bible wasn’t written literally

Gregor Mendel’s work though older was unknown
Inheritance has rules as he had shown
Darwin studied pigeon breeders for the clues
Of the tricks that Mother Nature ought to use.

On his travels he observed some fossil bones
And he saw how species changed across wide zones
How a finch could change to fill in every niche
That no other birds had had the luck to reach

Now we see that how it works is DNA
And that species just reflect the genes at play
All of life is somewhere on the fam’ly tree
And that cactus is a relative of me!