Poetry by Jeff Green


Heatwave distractions

by cricketjeff on July 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the temperature’s soaring
And the pace of life is boring
Why not try some happy stripping
Then a run to skinny dipping
Find a friend who’s over heated
And get comfortably seated
Playing Mums and Dads or lovers
In a game not under covers
When your mood has reached its rudest
Just pretend that you’re a nudist
Have a walk through any city
In the nude if you are pretty
Find an ice cream and then spread it
On your body, now I’ve said it
Then ask friends to come a licking
Before everything starts sticking
All this rather naughty fooling
Isn’t likely to be cooling
But at least such sexy acting
Will be happily distracting
Until weathers not so baking
You’ll enjoy yourself by making
Everybody who is near you
Either envy you or fear you
And its bound to be much better
Than the ideas in this letter!

Author notes

I thought I should do some feminine rhyming having set a contest!