Poetry by Jeff Green


Before you

by cricketjeff on July 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With you inside there’ll always be fresh castles in the air
      You bend my dreams in ways I can’t describe
You show me things I cannot see and make me want to share
      Your magic with the others of our tribe
Before you there were daffodils now golden trumpets play
Before you I was too afraid to to let my feelings stray

Since you were there the sun has dawned in rains of golden light
      And children smile like laughter after tears
You gave me ways to touch the sky and helped me hear the night
      I built a bridge across the wasted years
Before you there were poplar trees now needles pierce a cloud
Before you I read silently and now I write out loud

You’d fill balloons with helium to paint a dark grey sky
      And draw a film in just two dozen words
You showed me I was not immune from learning how to fly
      That you and I could rise above the birds
Before you there were gentle waves now fingers tease the beach
Before you I was far too short now all of life’s in reach

I hear new voices in my head, and all of them are you
      Explaining life a hundred different ways
I see the same things every day, but every day they’re new
      And waiting for another turn of phrase
Before you there was black and white, my colour gamut’s changed
Before you life walked in straight lines now all is rearranged

You taught me things aren’t as they seem and I don’t have to lose
      Another way is always just in sight
Did you decide the rainbow’s shape, and choose the hues to use?
      And if not you then who could get it right?
Before you I was someone else, but now I’m sure I’m me
Before you I was locked away but then you set me free