Poetry by Jeff Green


Make love to me in moonlight

by cricketjeff on July 8, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Make love to me forever, under moonlight in the rain
When nothing else but happiness will do.
Make love to me till daybreak when I can’t forget the pain
Of knowing that I’m still in love with you

Make love to me unfettered by the chains that bind the rest
Make love to me as love was never made
Make love to me my darling let me suckle at your breast
Make love to me when life is old and frayed

Just hold me in your dreaming so I feel your sunkissed skin
Then hold me for another thousand years
The sweetness of such moments is a taste I’ll never win
Just hold me through the worst of living’s fears

Be with me when I need you and when I believe in me
Be with me now and never go away
I need you and desire you and I’ll never disagree
That I want you beside me every day

Make love to me forever in my mind or in my bed
Make love to me all day and through each night
It’s not an imposition just move in inside my head
Make love to me until the world is right