Poetry by Jeff Green


If Every Cloud’s a Daydream

by cricketjeff on July 9, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If every cloud’s a daydream meant to touch a lover’s heart
      Then I’m the cause of all the rainy days
I’ll think about your laughter and a thunderstorm will start
      With lightning sent to set your soul ablaze

The stars at night are wishes that I’d find you by my side
      The moon’s supposed to carry you to me
The waves that ride the ocean and its slow majestic tides
      Reflections of my passion in the sea

The blackbird every morning and the nightingale at night
      Are singing you the way I always feel
The colours of the rainbow aren’t refracted out of white
      They’re hues that prove my love is always real

I blow the wind to tease you making streamers from your hair
      And tumble leaves to crush beneath your toes
I’m in the sun that tans you and caresses everywhere
    I’m sorry that I burnt your pretty nose

So look at clouds as daydreams and you’ll know the best are mine
    The storms are when my love won’t stay inside
Each gift from Mother Nature’s part of my new-drawn design
      Her beauty is my love for you applied