Poetry by Jeff Green


That first time

by cricketjeff on July 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When your lust allies with laughter
                            and you love the lady too
It may last forever after
                            if the girl’s in love with you
When her fingers start exploring
                            and you find her velvet skin
There’ll be feelings worth adoring
                            as she welcomes you within

You’ve removed each last obstruction
                            there’s a nipple on your lips
Complimenting sweet seduction
                            with your questing fingertips
Things may start out sweet and tender
                              and progress to rampant lust
There’s a message that you send her
                              on the end of every thrust

Pulling hair and slapping harder
                              she may scratch you on your back
There’s a building pile of ardour
                              as you drive home your attack
Pretty soon you’re incoherent
                              she may holler out your name
Now you’ve won a new adherent
                              and sweet cupid takes the blame!