Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on July 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She was walking by the ocean, half a life away from home;
He was lying in the sunshine with his legs half in the foam.
Though she wasn’t over-happy, she was well away from sad;
He was settled to be single, satisfied with what he had.

Just a word of pleasant greeting, simple strangers on the shore,
When that happy rascal Cupid thought to start a little more.
In the wind that plays the breakers there’s a reckless hint of bold,
He has wine and she has beauty while the sand is warm and gold.

They were dining in the moonlight, at a table by the sea,
They had met and something happened, discontented suddenly.
Different pictures filled his daydreams, different dreams were hers each night.
Now they’ve ordered different starters, underneath the same starlight.

Soon a fortnight, less the first days, passes by in half a blink,
As the strangers find a friendship in each glass of wine they drink.
One hotel room stands deserted, postcards home remain unsent.
Lovingly they live each moment, every second wisely spent.

Now they’re walking through their city, half their lives have flown away.
She is happy, he’s contended, and they bless that holiday;
When a stroll beside the ocean and sunbathing on the sand,
Helped two simple single people find a way to understand.