Poetry by Jeff Green


The World’s a mess!

by cricketjeff on July 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The feeling that the world is fine
The optimism people stress
They all mean well and life’s divine
The World’s a mess!

“We know what’s right” the leaders say
“Your life is like a game of chess
We’ll give you all the moves to play”
The World’s a mess!

“No don’t do that, but this way’s right
Whate’er we ask just answer yes
To doubt our words is impolite”
The World’s a mess!

“We’ll think your thoughts, you just switch off
It’s all for you we have noblesse”
(Excuse me now I need to cough!!!)
The World’s a mess!

“A little bribe? How very kind
I’m sure we’ll soon relieve distress
Just vote for me if you don’t mind”
The World’s a mess!

To know the price of everything
Is wise when lies all coalesce
So sweetly wrapped with tinselled string
The World’s a mess!

A cynic or a realist?
They’re synonyms, well more or less
It’s all the rest should be dismissed
The World’s a mess!

Author notes

I was going to write about cynicism, but honestly, would anyone read it carefully?