Poetry by Jeff Green


Every day’s the same

by cricketjeff on July 12, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

That’s another weekend over with the lottery not won
And I’ve done a little reading and I’ve had a little fun
Now tomorrow will be Monday and it’s back to daily grind
But though week and weekend differ you are always on my mind

After Monday will be Tuesday and perhaps my luck will change
There are scripts that need rewriting and some files to rearrange
After Tuesday there’ll be Wednesday and the midweek lottery
But the prize I want to win is when you send a kiss to me

Then the day to come is Thursday that’s another much the same
Catch the train to find the office where I try to play the game
Then when Thursday’s done it’s Friday and my mind may find it’s free
To stop working out the answers and to dream of you and me

Back to Saturday and Sunday and a weekend when I’ll smile
No more meetings where I’m sleeping but a chance to live a while
And I’ll drop you off a message asking you whatever’s new
Then go back to happy dreaming of a future spent with you