Poetry by Jeff Green


The extra bit of magic

by cricketjeff on July 12, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every breath of life was wasted in the years before we met
But I can’t spend precious moments in a deep sea of regret
Now I’ve gazed for just one second into two such perfect eyes
I’ll be lost for all existence in their look of sweet surprise

It will never make a difference if you choose another life
In my mind you’ll be my goddess even if you’re not my wife
I would wait a thousand lifetimes to spend moments at your side
And I’ll still remain as faithful if my passions are denied

I don’t want to own the farmland where you planted all your crops
And I won’t close down the station where your last train always stops
I can’t act in any manner that brings any pain your way
But I can be ready waiting if you want me any day

From the first time that you kissed me I was cast adrift at sea
In a warm and friendly ocean and I hope you’ll rescue me
When you’re rising ninety seven and you think life’s passed you by
You will still be twice as pretty as the sunrise in my eye

In the loneliest of moments I know I am not alone
When there’s nobody to touch me I am still inside your zone
So you may as well accept it I am yours forevermore
You’re the extra bit of magic that makes life worth fighting for