Poetry by Jeff Green


Different answers

by cricketjeff on July 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On the softest summer evenings would you settle by my side?
When the sun sank low and golden would you smile to see her hide?
We could tell each other stories as the day turned into night
And we’d drift into each other as our tales became delight.

When the air became much cooler would we snuggle into one,
In the promise of the nighttime and the mem’ry of the sun?
Underneath ten thousand kisses would you feel the change in me,
As I washed across your body like the breakers on the sea?

Would we walk across the garden as the sky became opaque,
Arm in arm and locked together by a chain we’ll never break?
In the shelter of our bedroom should we give ourselves away,
To the games of summer pleasure that the gods of rapture play?

After dark the air is diff’rent and more ancient forces rule
And the answer to the questions aren’t those taught in any school.
Would I ask you for your body when you blew away my mind,
After soft romantic evenings is their magic left to find?