Poetry by Jeff Green


I was lost in contemplation

by cricketjeff on July 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I was lost in contemplation
When a very pretty girl
Washed my mind of meditation
Put my thinking in a whirl
I was laying out an essay
That would out-Descartes Descarte
But when legs are quite that perfect
They can walk across your heart

I was dreaming of a future
Where the world would be at peace
When her pretty smiling features
Made me think about release
I am pleased a sexy maiden
Can affect me in this way
When my mind is over laden
With the thoughts of every day

I’m an uncommitted poet
When there’s beauty near at hand
And I’m not afraid to show it
For my readers understand
That philosophy is dandy
When there’s thinking to be done
But when a lovely lass is handy
Then to smile at her’s more fun!