Poetry by Jeff Green


The last laugh

by cricketjeff on July 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

No others heard the piercing screams at night
But slaughtered souls sang loud inside her mind
Insanity they whispered with delight
And rushed to have the cursed papers signed

Infernal tortures filled her waking hours
Maniacal and vile in every way
Demented demons robbed her of her powers
And left her life in terminal decay

In time she died and false friends feigned their grief
Impiety so clear in every face
These wretched fools who offered no relief
Now cluster round to claim a central place

Such treachery would be their last mistake
Though doctors strive to see who they can save
A toxic meal is perfect for a wake
An apparition’s vengeance from the grave

Author notes

Words used from the bank ..

Piercing, Scream, Slaughter, Soul, Insanity, Cursed, Infernal, Maniacal, Vile, Demented, Decay, Grief, Impiety, Wretched, Treachery, Toxic, Apparition and Vengeance.
Some in changed form, and as far as I can tell, no hint of crimson …