Poetry by Jeff Green


Shortbread rhymes!

by cricketjeff on July 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You’re going to need six ounces of the finest clotted cream
      Add Demerara sugar, half as much
Then fold them well together so they’re lighter than a dream
      This part requires a very tender touch
Add half a pound of plain white flour, self raising is no good
First sift it very carefully, the way you always should

Now mix it all in thoroughly, I find by hand is best
      Until it forms a dry, not sticky ball
Then roll it down to half an inch (that’s thicker than the rest)
      Be sure your baking tray is not too small
Cook thirty mins at gas mark three (that’s three two five to you)
You take it out when golden brown then this is what you do

You prick a pattern in the top, a fork is what I use
      And mark out shapes to break when it is cool
When served up at a party everyone knows what to choose
      My shortbread’s first to go’s the general rule
You can add chopped up nuts on top, crushed pecans are the rage
My Cornish clotted cream shortbread’s the finest of the age!

Author notes

I LOVE shortbread