Poetry by Jeff Green


You are poetry

by cricketjeff on July 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The words that flowed like raindrops from the Moon’s soft silver beams
Made poetry that sparkled like the sun on mountain streams
The velvet sky she dazzled was the handmade paper page
That gave the words of playwrights room to make the world a stage
And we who walked together on this gaily jewelled night
Were dazzled by the beauty of a million points of light

Was Shakespeare born on Venus as she rose above the dawn
With words instead of breast milk and with verses for a lawn
Are rhymes a distillation of the music of the spheres
Conducted for the pleasure of twelve billion waiting ears

The moon shines down forever she’s the poet of the skies
But the beauty of her kingdom is as nothing to your eyes