Poetry by Jeff Green


A tale of two metals

by cricketjeff on July 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Its heavy yellow sparkle has ruled hearts through all the years
The cause of countless battles and too many wasted tears
Such beauty seems to harness all the worst of foolish men
From an ancient Mayan temple to a chieftain in his glen
But I can’t make obeisance to a god so brash and bold
I’d dress my love in silver not the the gaudiness of gold

So soft and clean a metal cannot help a man to live
And it boasts a bloody hist’ry few people should forgive
I will listen for the fanfares when the shades of war must cease
For the gods play silver trumpets when they’re heralding a peace
I’ll take subtlety of purpose over boastful coarse and bold
In the race towards perfection silver always takes the gold

Author notes

There was a contest asking me to say why I should get gold, but maybe I want the silver!!!