Poetry by Jeff Green


I’m glad I cry

by cricketjeff on July 15, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I stood and cried the night my granddad died
His wit and wisdom lost forever more
I would have died if I could not have cried
A night like that is what our tears are for

His pain was done for him it was not sad
He’d met his goals and felt his life complete
His life was spent in making others glad
I’m glad I cried it makes his mem’ry sweet

I was bereft when my first girlfriend left
It wasn’t love but seemed it at the time
The hurting left because I felt bereft
Not marking such a sorrow is a crime

I loved again and raised a family
But pain of parting made a better life
The hurt I felt is always part of me
I know it would be worse to lose my wife

I cry to see some child die of disease
When famine strikes although that’s far away
A worse disease to not cry when one sees
How others have to face the world today

I could not face the mirror if I thought
That I could not despair when human kind
Allows a child to pay for battles fought
So rich men own whatever’s on their mind

We cry to show that deep inside we know
We haven’t done the best that we could do
Because we cry we know we have to show
A better way to act than hitherto

Author notes

Prompt is: “There is no reason for crying, crying makes a heart sadder

I replied, ‘It’s all in the way you cry that matters, for a goodbye

an hello or just a sad song, my heart goes on regardless, it just

refuses to die over what it cannot fix”

Ok yeah in that place where sad is all good ok?