Poetry by Jeff Green


Alternate existences

by cricketjeff on July 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I hope it’s true, the multiverse, where all things come to be
So there’s another universe where you’re in love with me
Where oceans and a lifetime can’t contrive to come between
A love of life and poetry that I know should have been

I hope it’s true that there’s a me in some uncharted state
Who asked a you to join him on a first romantic date
A date that slowly blossomed to explain the love I feel
An alternate existence where my dreams each night are real

I hope it’s true an outcome to the lottery of life
Resulted in a universe where you became my wife
And echoes cross the æther from that future into this
Resulting in my images of drifting into bliss

I hope it’s true that even here our paths will intersect
And there will be a moment when our muses can connect
Without the need of superstrings and sums of histories
That life can give the answer to these dreamlike mysteries

Author notes

There is a theory that all possible outcomes of all interactions create their own universes and we live in “the sum of all these histories”.