Poetry by Jeff Green


The Ride of Her Life

by cricketjeff on July 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Artwork by Kristina Gehrmann

She rode like the wind when death came calling
Fleeing from scenes she did not understand
The visions were black and the screams were appalling
The future was stripped by his skeletal hand

Pestilence tore at the gates of the living
Diseases destroyed those who stood in the way
The horsemen of doom are not kind and forgiving
Bringing an end to the deeds of the day

Faster she rode from the clutches of Hades
Out of the path of the riders of fate
Death was to harvest the Lords and the Ladies
Left to its work on the good and the great

Fast past the Moon She would ride until morning
Only the sun can bring hope from despair
Her face will erupt from the sapphire blue awning
Peace and tranquility fall through the air

Night after night she must drive ever harder
Farther and farther away from her past
Holding to life with an unending ardour
Surely today will bring safety at last!

Author notes

artwork by Kristina Gehrmann