Poetry by Jeff Green


Voyages of Discovery.

by cricketjeff on July 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Drunken fools,
high on wacky-baccy,
and the words of the self proclaimed,
sent the bright young things
of freedom’s generation
on quests of self discovery.

Backpackers tracked
to the mountains of the East,
left no stone alone
looking for what was never there.

The fools,
following their gurus,
drank, smoked and
proclaimed they had found
what they had sought.

Only to return
to lives more empty than before.

The wiser few,
drank less,
thought more.
Stayed home and grew,
built their lives,
brick by gritty brick.

Found no time for searching
for what was never lost
until the day
they found it.

Author notes

Still working on this