Poetry by Jeff Green


Painting perfect pictures

by cricketjeff on July 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A picture, it is offered, paints one thousand shining words
    Can pictures paint a love-song or a sigh?
And who would paint a nightingale the drabbest of all birds
    Its beauty never enters through the eye
Though pictures can be wonderful and exercise the soul
It’s only in great poetry that we can see the whole

Vermeer portrayed each woman in a scene that showed her life
      While Botticelli saw a little more
Picasso made an artwork of a most peculiar wife
      And Playboy shows some ladies I adore
But Shakespeare wrote his sonnets to his lady of the night
And every line he penned her showed that poetry is right

When Constable saw haywains or a mill beside a brook
      He froze the moment till the end of time
But Gray when elergizing filled the pages of a book
      With countryside portrayed in flawless rhyme
For Turner we have Wordsworth and Hogarth there is Pope
But there is no match for Shakespeare there’s no painter who could cope

When Kipling wrote his treatise on the way to be a man
      He showed what pictures only hope to show
The U.S. founding fathers wrote the nation’s basic plan
      In words that show a painting how to glow
All the finest works of beauty that can illustrate your dreams
Aren’t paintbrushed onto canvas but are words in tumbled streams