Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on July 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He hardly heard her footsteps in the hall
And scarcely saw the shadow as she passed
Why should he think today would be his last
The chance of any accident was small
He hadn’t read the writing on the wall

She’d lived and died so many years before
Too few would even recollect her name
Perhaps indifference would be to blame
If he had paid attention heretofore
He wouldn’t now be lying on the floor

It takes a spectre many years to learn
The ways to influence those left on Earth
At first her powers may seem of little worth
But months and years will come and go in turn
And wasting time is not a ghost’s concern

So many people say that life’s a wheel
The past repeats in what is yet to be
She left him clues that he could never see
He stumbled through her final mute appeal
Too wrapped up in himself to ever feel

He went to bed with laughter in his eyes
A happy man with all of life ahead
Before the dawn this happy man was dead
Without the chance to register surprise
He paid the price for all his father’s lies!

Author notes

I don’t think it is a form I have ever heard of, but if you know better, let me know