Poetry by Jeff Green


A protest sonnet!!!

by cricketjeff on July 26, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It seems that my opinion doesn’t count
I signed to say I didn’t like the change
But Mods did not approve of the amount
Of protest that one poet could arrange

Polite dissent is not allowed round here
A poets thoughts are censored on AP
The paying customer can’t make it clear
If he or she agrees to disagree

I do not claim the right to lie or cheat
To denigrate another must be wrong
But just to ask the owner to retreat
Is not exactly language overstrong!

I pay to put my poems on this site
So don’t delete the words I choose to write!!!

Author notes

Amera made a column asking for poets who disapproved of a change to the star system to sign if they agreed with her.

It was polite and respectful and was deleted, WHY???

Kevin’s response

First, this was NOT censorship. We require that all protests are posted in the forums, so that the ‘poetry’ areas of the site stay unpolitical. She needed to MOVE the content, not delete it.

The rules are quite clear on this, that political posts must be made on the policy board. These rules are in place for strong historical reasons, as it is very easy for a few disgruntled poets to drive our great poetry engine off the tracks. I appreciate that you want to be heard. Just please make it on the forums

We do try to allow poetry about political things (like this). However, I ask the commentors to please direct any protests to the policy board, and attempt to keep this post about the poem