Poetry by Jeff Green


Wine and Cornish Ice Cream

by cricketjeff on July 31, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the garden eating ice cream with  another glass of wine
    As the sun sinks slowly lower in the sky
Underneath a magic moment as the sun and clouds combine
    In a golden wave the day now says goodbye
There are reds and blues and purple in a tribute to the night
And I dream of sitting with you underneath the perfect sight

Then the blue above grows darker and a million stars erupt
      From the places where they hide throughout the day
Into pictures in the heavens even we cannot corrupt
      And the vastnesses of time can’t wash away
There are whirls of gas and eddies like a sea of precious stones
And we’ll rule the scene forever from two rustic garden thrones

When the moon starts climbing higher raining moonbeams as she flies
      We will wash ourselves in drops of silver light
And our words will join in verses that can echo through the skies
      And the world can read the love song we will write
There are stories in the darkness that each lover needs to know
And in wine and Cornish ice-cream are the dreams I love to grow

Author notes

Hmmmmmm, oh well, got carried away again …