Poetry by Jeff Green


Crime Pays!

by cricketjeff on August 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Be brash enough and bold enough
And want another’s gold enough
And crime will pay for you but not for me
Just look as though you own the place
And stare straight through the owner’s face
And you can take control of all you see

If you’re the slickest criminal
Your actions seem subliminal
And somehow people follow all you say
Just make your lying bigger still
And soon enough the figures will
Obscure what’s really twice as clear as day

Don’t ever stumble carelessly
But sell your spiel quite airlessly
No-one one will see that two and two aren’t eight
A promise of a mad return
“That only special people earn”
Convinces fools that you are doing great

They all crave the impossible
So dress yourself in lots of bull
And money’s sure to flow towards your hand
Then if you’ve got it wrong enough
And kept the act up long enough
The government will back up all you’ve planned

Now hold on to your pension pot
That’s bigger than the rest have got
And don’t admit you lied and stole it all
The rest of us will foot the bill
And you will be there smiling still
I wish we’d kept our eyes fixed on your ball!

Author notes

I was chatting to one of my sons and the thought came up, as odd thoughts do in odd conversations, that the number one asset for a criminal is ample brass neck, ask any banker!!!

Transatlantic translations —

Brass neck is effrontery