Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The anarchist stood loud and proud, exclaiming he was free;
      Unbound by laws, completely unoppressed.
He knew the way, he knew the right, why couldn’t others see
      That total freedom has to be the best?
He stood aboard his soap-box and proclaimed into the night,
Protected by the constable who helped maintain his right.

The anarchist was wise and true, he knew the only path;
      His argument too good to be gainsayed.
“Abolish laws and government; the only aftermath –
      A better life for all would be displayed,
No bullies would exploit the poor, if everyone was free.”
Too stupid to consider that some people don’t agree.

The anarchist knew everything, he knew the ways of man.
      He knew that all are good when left alone.
No need to think of consequence, no need for groups to plan,
      The seeds of perfect peace have now been sown.
Too bad that as he walked the streets his fellow man ignored
His instinct too protect the weak, the anarchist was floored.

The anarchist’s in intensive care, a gang imposed their rules.
      He crossed a line he didn’t know was drawn.
Authorities were thinly stretched protecting lots of fools
      Who treated basic liberties with scorn.
I should be free to swing my arms but not to punch your face;
We need some laws it’s just that we must keep them in their place!

Author notes

The purpose of law is to protect the weak from the strong, many laws are framed to do the opposite but the answer is better laws and law makers not no laws!!!