Poetry by Jeff Green


Summer weather

by cricketjeff on August 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As I dream of summer sunshine while I shelter from the rain,
      I am lost inside my mind pursuing you.
There are thoughts of happy laughter and some jokes I can’t explain
      And a tent that only has the space for two.

As I dream of summer raindrops while I’m lazing in the shade,
      I can almost feel you resting on my knees.
We aren’t watching but quite near us there are games of cricket played
      And I’ve found a part of you I want to squeeze.

Any sort of summer weather brings me dreams of you and me,
      Though in truth I’ve never even held your hand.
In a stolen conversation or a line of poetry
      There are thoughts I can’t begin to understand.

It’s the season when a lover wants to walk beside a stream,
      Build a castle in the sand, or fly a kite
But for some of us the summer has to be a silent dream
      And a whisper to the moon each balmy night.

So I sit outside or inside in the rain or in the sun,
      And I hope that now and then my dreams are shared.
In our minds we walk together in this season filled with fun,
      And my heart, so badly broken, is repaired.