Poetry by Jeff Green


In her veil of soft galloon

by cricketjeff on August 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I am whispering a love-song to my friend the silver moon
    And she promises to whisper it to you
In her whitest Summer dress and in a veil of soft galloon
    She’ll be etched against the bed of midnight blue
But the beauty of my love-song needs to far outstrip the sight
Of the Moon and all her sisters as they dance across the night

I am teaching her the nuance and the tones she should adopt
      As she whispers what I’m feeling in your mind
In a river of emotion that I know can not be stopped
      She will tell you of the dreams I hope to find
But the words that I have taught her cannot in the least degree
Match the beauty of the lady that I’ve asked the moon to see

I am handing out the song sheets to the stars the moon admires
      They will sing to you the chorus of my song
You will see my gentle music raining from these stellar fires
      And I hope to teach your heart to sing along
But these rich immortal allies cannot tell you all I feel
For the song that I am singing is a lover’s mute appeal

When I’m lost tonight in dreaming she’ll be hanging in your skies
      And the song will find its way into your heart
I’ll be sitting on the moonbeams and I’ll see with my own eyes
      If you’ve felt the gentle pressure of my art
For I’ve whispered such a love song to our friend the silver moon
As she dances through the heavens in her veil of soft galloon

Author notes

Galloon is a form of lace often containing silver or gold thread, and the Moon’s veil tonight definitely has some silver thread in it.