Poetry by Jeff Green


Cloudy nights

by cricketjeff on August 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

No Moon tonight, the clouds have wiped her laughter from the skies;
      How will she know the song that she should sing?
The dismal grey keeps me away from gazing in your eyes.
      The tender love a Moonlit night can bring.
In damp regret a blank Sunset allows no flash of gold
      No silver stars to carry me to you.
Where is the bright and love-filled night that all my tales have told?
      A shaft of light has not appeared on cue.
It may not seem that I can dream without our friends on high
      To carry you to settle in my heart.
But no black cloud can be allowed to needlessly deny
        The happiness that promises can start.
The Moon’s aware that I still care, and she’ll still let you know,
That clouds can’t keep you from my sleep, my love was still on show.