Poetry by Jeff Green


A vision

by cricketjeff on November 10, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Waking from the darkest dreaming
Thoughts with the magic of faerie teaming
Visions surround me potions and smells
Shapes in the darkness are muttering spells
Then you appear like an angel of light
But something about you screams “This isn’t right”
I cannot resist when you feed me your potion
And I feel every part then explode with emotion
What are your needs and why have you brought me
Who are the demons that seem to escort me
Drifting and searching my mind is now fading
The truth that I’m chasing is swiftly evading
The last thing I know is the sound of your voice
I don’t understand as you seem to rejoice
Waking again, in my room on my own
Back in my body my mind has been thrown
Covered in sweat, but I’m cold not too hot
With a head full of images that can’t be forgot

Author notes

No idea really. make of it what you will.