Poetry by Jeff Green


Looking at lunchtime

by cricketjeff on August 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m out walking through the willows in the sunshine after rain
And the singing of a song thrush seems to take away the strain
Past the river that is laughing as it dodges round a bike
Thrown so artlessly to spoil things by a nasty minded tyke
There’s a scent of watered grassland and there’s blackberries to pick
While the distance is disrupted by a world that lives too quick

Far above a helicopter moans about the busy roads
While I’m walking through a meadow looking out for frogs and toads
There are butterflies that dazzle and a dragonfly or two
Darting in between the bushes that the rain has washed like new
By the hedgerow I see rabbits and two crows are watching me
As I spend a bit of lunchtime in a search for liberty