Poetry by Jeff Green


Making love beneath the stars

by cricketjeff on August 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She wasn’t wearing panties when she sat down on my knee
And she sighed with rich contentment when my fingers came to see
I think that free and easy is the perfect way to be
Soon we were making love beneath the stars

I tickled her and squeezed her and she kissed me tenderly
I whispered words of passion and she settled onto me
We joined in “conversation” making human poetry
As we were making love beneath the stars

My lips were on her nipples and she giggled hard with glee
My fingers found her bottom and they traced down in the vee
And when they found the entrance she responded with a plea
To keep on making love beneath the stars

I drove so deep inside her and she bounced quite urgently
And started making nonsense as she cursed me sensually
Now I hope that every evening she will come and sit with me
Then we’ll be making love beneath the stars