Poetry by Jeff Green


Feeding the ducks

by cricketjeff on August 7, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You smiled and dismal skies were turned to blue
I know that you’re a goddess in disguise
There’s never been another one like you
My lady with the sunshine in her eyes

You laughed and there was birdsong everywhere
The motorbikes and cars could not be heard
Your voice spread subtle perfume through the air
And now you’re gone I still hear every word

I fell so deep but do not know your name
The words I heard were not addressed to me
A random dart of Cupid’s is to blame
I’m chained in love not wanting to break free

So now I feed the ducks here every day
Till you come back and take my heart away

Author notes

Not too sure about the couplet, I shall think on and be back