Poetry by Jeff Green


A special visit

by cricketjeff on November 11, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I ring on your doorbell and wait for the door
Your message intriguing, just what was the score?
Who’s this who answers, she is dressed as a maid
But when she turns round her whole bum is displayed.

Sarah answered as she was told
Her bum was bare and really cold
Showing it for the world to see
As her Mistress commands that it to be

Smiling and leading the way
Sarah returns without a say
Down on her knees is how she sits
Top droops open showing her tits

The two of you in front of me, I don’t know where to look
Your hand on Sarah’s nipple, her hair with joy she shook
“I knew you kept a pet my dear. The reason that your wrote?
You mentioned we could have some fun, in your little cryptic note.”

Step forward and feel your way, Sarah will not complain
Her lust for me, Mistress Karina, has driven her insane
That note you got, was to get you here so you can christen her bum
I know you have a fondness for filling that opening with cum

I put my hands upon her breasts, she looks at you with lust
You and I ignore her moans, as I play with her bust
I hope my dear Karina that you will be playing too
I’ll enjoy your pretty’s bottom, but I’m just as keen on you

Slipping my hands down your front and grabbing a nice firm hold
I have planned tonight to be ever so hot although the weather is cold
Karina unzips and starts to play, holding this part of you hard
‘You may have me later dear if you find a special card’

Sarah had been waiting, and she knew just what to do
Slipping the card inside her bum with something written for you
As she feels it stretch her, she starts to smile so bright.
She loves her body used this way, Karina has trained her right

You hold me in your lovely hand, and pull me to your slave
The smack upon her bottom was the signal that you gave
She swallows me without complaint, as deep as I can go
You punish her quite harshly to give me quite a show

Smacks upon her bottom, make it red and ready
Smiling as I strip my clothes to leave a sexy teddy
I poke my heel inside her hole to check it’s nice and tight
Knowing when you fill her you will make it feel so right

Swallowing him as i was told to do
Loving the invasion by Mistress’ shoe
Knowing that tonight i will feel good
my bum will taken as my Mistress says it should

Pulling myself from her mouth warm and wet
I can’t say I leave it without any regret
You pull her up and bend over the miss
I catch your head and we swap a fond kiss

Now it is my turn to smack that red arse
And to get my first look of the hole I shall pass
Sticking out from it a tail made of string
I pull it quite firmly to extract something

Feeling the card leave my arse, with glee
Your hands are very sure, as they are smacking me
Knowing you care for my Mistress i smile
For her i would run naked over a mile

Your lips on mine in our fond kiss
With my pet this lustful miss
Her asshole is ready for you today
Then we can have our own kinky way

Down on her I watch you go deep
Untying that outfit of hers as you seep
Nothing for her to hide now, my dear
Grab all that you want as I stand near

Ploughing the arse of your slave as you stare
Enjoying the feel of the kisses we share
Soon I shall watch as her lips make you cum
At the time that I’m doing the same in her bum

Squeezing her breasts and their nipples so fine
I thank-you for letting her also be mine
If both of us feel that she’s treated us right
Then maybe she’ll have her own cum late tonight

Loving my slaves tongue deep inside
Both her mouth and bottom go for a ride
Caring just for you, you will truly see
As my pet pleases both you and me

Mistress is so loving and hot
i just must reach that g-spot
Giving her all my best
While my bum gets the rest

Slave will be happy this Mistress knows
If I let her watch tonight’s real shows
When we are done with her tonight
She will know how to please us right

With you and me going to town
We both will be wearing the crown
As the new Queen and King
The two of us will rule this “thing”

Author notes

Karina and Sarah are voiced by Riftkin , who has thus actually written most of this poem!

Go and read her poems. She’s bloody good.