Poetry by Jeff Green


Downsides, upsides

by cricketjeff on August 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the day is dull and dreary
And I’m feeling weak and weary
There is nothing like a cheery
Howdy do

When the work is long and boring
And my inspiration’s snoring
I may dream that I am soaring
Holding you

If I think I’m overworking
And another round is lurking
I would rather I was shirking
For a few

For it’s never going to matter
There’s a dream I cannot shatter
I just want to sit and chatter
Near to you

So I bid goodbye to sorrow
Looking forward to tomorrow
And a future we can borrow
When life’s new

Well so what if it’s just dreaming
And things aren’t so rosy seeming
There is just one truth that’s gleaming
I love you!