Poetry by Jeff Green


Lunch in the park

by cricketjeff on August 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sitting down and thinking on a patch of summer grass
      Telling time on dandelion clocks
Reading bursts of Shakespeare to the daisies in the class
      Watching for that cheeky urban fox

Writing simple verses as I nibble on a pear
      Thinking of the words to say to you
Something seems to happen when there’s summer in the air
      Another little love song forms on cue

Gazing at the cloudlets as they puff across the sky
      Watching martins darting high above
Laughing at a toddler as he drags his mother by,
      Dreaming of a night of summer love

How about a picnic with some sandwiches and such?
      A fruity wine and half a life to kill
I’ll do some chicken wings and bake the cake you love so much
    We’ll eat enough to make an army ill

Sit up at the back! The clover’s dropping off to sleep
    I’ll read an epic ode to change the mood
Or threaten them with shepherds and a hungry flock of sheep
    And back again to thoughts of summer food

Too much work and worry makes a man a boring drudge
      Summer sun’s the cure for every ache
Your eyes outshine the sunlight if I’m any sort of judge
      Not seeing them is more than I can take

Would you like an ice cream from the van outside the gate
      A ninety-nine or just a simple cone?
Time to stop my musings or they’ll moan that I am late
      So head back to the office on my own