Poetry by Jeff Green


Shooting Stars

by cricketjeff on August 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

After midnight in the garden hoping Perseids appear
Little streaks of hope that dance across the sky
They are friends I’m glad to welcome at the same time every year
Though in London light these shooting stars are shy

When I’m sure I’ll never see one straight across old Cassiopeia
There’s a little tiny flash of magic light
Then another rather brighter as my sight’s becoming clear
Adding promise to this moonlit August night

Standing still and getting colder feeling space is very near
As some cosmic grains of dust are burnt away
Just another and I’ll leave them now my pillows sounding dear
For today has been another busy day

And another, then  another then the Moon becomes too bright
In her silver light the flashes fade and die
But I’m pleased beyond all measure that I saw my streaks of light
As the Perseids went shooting cross the sky!