Poetry by Jeff Green


The English Weather

by cricketjeff on August 13, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The English weather’s really not my friend
At cricket there was rain before the end
The day before and then today the sun was high and hot
But in between the weather went to pot

The English weather never gets it right
I slave away throughout the heatwave’s height
And then I get a day or two to live my life my way
And overhead the skies are cold and grey

The English weather treats we English wrong
She gives us gifts to string us all along
And then we take the trouble to enjoy her finest treat
And sit and watch a snowscape turn to sleet

The English weather knows a balmy breeze
That ruffles brand new leaflets in the trees
But when you think of kiting then the breeze becomes a gale
And pretty April showers will turn to hail

The English weather never tells it true
The forecast rain may not arrive on cue
On days you thought you’d huddle in a kagoule getting wet
You sunbathe in a London park the finest summer yet!