Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 17, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When your work is dull and boring then a toffee makes you smile,
When you want a little treat a toffee’s great.
When you want some time for thinking then a toffee lasts a while;
There are toffees by my ‘puter on a plate.

When you want a different notion, have mint toffee, wrapped in green;
Or a treacle toffee can be just the thing,
Or banana toffee maybe, if there’s any to be seen,
Are there any other toffees you could bring?

After meals, banoffee pudding, with some extra toffee sauce –
Or brazil nut toffee with the added crunch.
There’s so many other flavours, such as liquorice, of course.
Is it right to just eat toffee for your lunch?

All the best sorts come with hammers and you break them from a slab,
Though a bag of ready broken bits will do.
It is not too hard to make it I suggest you have a stab.
Now I’m ready for a toffee, one for you?

Author notes


I quite like toffee