Poetry by Jeff Green


Jolly Molly wins by Golly!!!

by cricketjeff on August 18, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Molly’s an amazing guesser,
Stakes a million, all on red.
“Want to move em?” She says yessir
Wins a pile on black instead.

Fear of Molly strikes the banker
Everybody takes her lead.
They win a stack and turn to thank ‘er
Molly is the one to heed.

Molly is the best of betters,
Never known to lose control.
Throws off all statistic’s fetters,
She’s damn sure what she will roll.

Good old Molly made a billion,
And a man who rides a bike.
Always happy on the pillion,
Told the rest to take a hike.

Settled in a massive villa,
Raising children “prop-o-lee”
The kids have found a way to thrill ‘er
Winning at Monopoly.

Author notes

Maybe not quite my first attempt at rhyming …