Poetry by Jeff Green


Reading by Twilight

by cricketjeff on August 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the gentle evening twilight I was sitting by a tree,
With a glass of wine beside me and a book of poetry.
Getting lost in lovers’ torments and in lovers’ triumphs too;
When enraptured by the meter, I was wrapped in dreams of you.

As the Moon got slowly brighter and I read another page,
Where a girl of matchless beauty took the sonnet’s centre stage,
I compared the poet’s musings with the pictures in my mind
And I found the writer’s story had been left a mile behind.

Now the stars came out above me and it grew too dark to read
But there’s light enough in dreaming so I hadn’t any need
To come in or read by torchlight, when I’d poetry inside
And an ideal English sonnet took my heart out for a ride.

You were golden like the sunset, and then silver like the moon,
And your gilded hair a halo that would bind me very soon.
There’s no wine’s intoxication that compares in any way
When a dream of such a lover ends a perfect summer’s day.