Poetry by Jeff Green


Your face

by cricketjeff on August 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Your face upon the pillow was the sweetest thing I knew
Your kisses were a taste of apple wine
I can’t believe I ever held the key to loving you
Yet for a while you said that you were mine

Your smile to greet the morning was a signal for the birds
To sing the songs that daily wake the sun
Your eyes were filled with starlight as they settled on my words
And wallowed in the spells that I had spun

Each day I’d write a love song over breakfasts that we’d share
Some funny ones and some straight from the heart
Then struggle to the office in a life without a care
Except that we would spend the day apart

Some days were not that perfect, I can ‘t tell the world a lie
But underneath our love seemed true and strong
There were tragedies and laughter and a certainty we’d try
To make it work and always get along

And then one day I lost you but you never told me why
Why did you leave and leave me on my own
So close to pure perfection, you were far too good to die
Your love was all I’d ever want to own

Now there are always shadows in the laughter that I find
A darker side to every golden day
I’ll love again and live again but always in my mind
I know that you would never run away