Poetry by Jeff Green


The last day of the Ashes

by cricketjeff on August 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The tension mounts as runs are scored and wickets fail to fall,
The Ashes surely can’t be thrown away.
Until “That’s Plumb!!” It’s Katich out, a chink made in the wall;
Next over Broad shows Watson how to play.
Another stand, I cannot watch, the total starts to mount
But Ponts should know that Fred has got a throw.
Now Strauss shows he’s a cricketer and great reactions count;
Third umpire says that Clarke has got to go.
When North attempts a mighty slog his back foot isn’t in
And Prior whips the bails off in a flash.
Some catches spill the crowd fall still and “can our heroes win?”
They mustn’t spoil the Ashes winner’s bash!
As Hussey hits a hundred and Brad Haddin keeps it tight,
We bite our nails and hope they find a crack.
A mighty hoick gives Strauss a catch and things are looking right
When Harmison sends Johnson skulking back.
The tamest catch of Fred’s career and Siddle cannot stay,
The e-less Clark is caught off bat and pad.
A last hurrah cannot last long, soon Hussey’s on his way.
An England fan’s left feeling “Not Too Bad!”
The series has been nip and tuck; an easy win for each
And each has fought to save another game,
But in the end we English found the Ashes were in reach
No other game will ever seem the same!

Author notes

You can read the full innings here