Poetry by Jeff Green


A dragon with the sneezes

by cricketjeff on November 13, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Martha has a sister and she’s only five years old
Her name is Mary-Anne as she has a little cold
When a dragon has the sniffles, and it makes her want to sneeze
Nobody around her can be sitting at their ease
Mary-Anne keeps setting things on fire

She sat down last night to dinner, and Daddy’s plate got hot
A fire breathing dragon really shouldn’t sneeze a lot!
Mummy gave her lots of peas, she burnt them on the spoon
I think her family really hope, her cold clears up quite soon
Mary-Anne keeps setting things on fire

Bath time is the safe time, there is only steam not flame
Which is easier for Mummy, Mary-Anne thinks it’s a shame!
She cannot play with all her friends, or a Springbok could be cooked
And though everybody loves her, that would not be overlooked
Mary-Anne keeps setting things on fire

Tissues are a problem as they tend to disappear
This also tends to happen if her medicine is near!
Anything she doesn’t like, a sneeze and it’s no more
And it might have been a real sneeze, her Mummy can’t be sure
Mary-Anne keeps setting things on fire

So Doctor Scales is sent for, and he soon will sort her out
She isn’t going to like it, that her family don’t doubt
He has just the thing to fix her, he can cure a dragon’s ills
He is going to give young Mary-Anne fire-extinguishing pills!
So Mary-Anne can’t set more things on fire

Author notes

Martha is Melvin’s girl, you can meet both of them in others of my poems.