Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Like soldiers in an army some form neatly ordered rows
        While others lie in ambush here and there
They’re hoping to ensnare me then they’ll deal their deadly blows
        The tactics they employ are rarely fair
The uniforms of regulars attract the roving eye
While other individuals can make me laugh or cry

They number in their hundreds here, a thousand more next door
        What chance have I against their massed attack
They line the shelves accusingly or pile up on the floor
        My books declare they’re ready to strike back
They fight against my ignorance they educate by stealth
As week by weak still more arrive and chip away my wealth

I can’t resist a Wisden or a dictionary of prose
        A Shakespeare or all Dickens’ Christmas tales
I’ve shelves filled up with physics and a list of West-End shows
        And Captain Ahab’s battle with the whales
Britannica and OED and Webster’s (leather bound)
There’s Wodehouse if I’m feeling light and Russell if profound

My Roget’s has seen better days, a history of art
        And poetry from Rome to modern day
I’m pretty sure that “Ladybirds” were in it at the start
        And I could never throw a book away
I’m overwhelmed by armies of the English written word
The heights of man’s creative soul and much more that’s absurd!