Poetry by Jeff Green


An army life

by cricketjeff on August 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

They promised him a choice of many trades
With travel round the World, so much to see
It didn’t matter that he’d fluffed his grades
The Army was the place he longed to be

The barracks where they trained was rather rough
Drill sergeants balled and bullies always lurked
But life had taught our hero to be tough
He stood his ground and diligently worked

Not twenty yet he’s sent abroad to kill
Which wasn’t quite the trade he had in mind
Each day in Basra brings a special thrill
A sort of thrill he’d like to leave behind

But many mates make any problem light
Despite their foes they all came home all right

At Aldershot they sent him on  a course
A signaller (that means a bit more pay)
The chance to use his brains not just brute force
The afterlife is getting under way

Another tour a medal for his Mum
Afghanistan has got a lot to teach
He’d never want to work sat on his bum
It’s better when the World is in your reach

A roadside bomb, not maimed but changed inside
Much wiser now, he’s ready to return
The Army is a roller coaster ride
And thrills and spills can show you how to learn

On civvy street he misses friends and fun
But doesn’t have to fear a hidden gun

Author notes

Trying to show soldiers are people too