Poetry by Jeff Green


Old Prof McBeal

by cricketjeff on August 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Umbleania-by-the-Sea
There’s lots of archaeology
When stone aged men still walked around
They left the items we have found
The other day old Prof McBeal
Dug up a rather large stone wheel

His colleague Madge assumed her part
And dug him up a concrete cart
Their students Pete and Anne deBorse
Then found a massive china horse
It seems they’ve found an ancient street
With all the traffic left complete

More digging to the left and right
They found the world’s first traffic light
They now know why the driver’s dead
That traffic light’s still stuck on red
For years he waited for a green
But no relief was ever seen

Now when they change he’ll never see ’em
They’re not kept in the same museum
The Prof and team still dig all day
To find the past that’s gone away
They’re sure to find more history
In Umbleania-by-the-Sea

Author notes

I spoke to Prof McBeal about his findings, he and Madge believe these artifacts may be as much as fifty years old.

The China horse hauled concrete cart is still a popular means of transport along the twisty streets of Upperdownland one of Umbleania’s less modern villages.

Why not go to see for yourself. you can go by submarine from Omaha Nebraska any Thursday, or windsurf to one of the neighbouring countries, like Outer Mongolia or Paraguay.