Poetry by Jeff Green


One summer day

by cricketjeff on August 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There were poppies in the meadow and a haze of cornflower blue
But I only saw the laughter in your eyes
In that summer land of sunshine when my love for you was new
And we danced beneath the rainbows in the skies
There were skylarks singing love songs and a frog filled shady pool
When the sun shone like a spotlight on a lady and her fool

There were sunlight dappled shadows under trees of apple green
As we sat and watched the river run and play
Quite invisible to others as we waltzed where gods had been
And we kissed the summer afternoon away
There were mallards busy dabbling and lilies standing tall
As I held you ever closer and I promised you it all

There were breezes bouncing wheat ears in a field of golden sun
And your fingers intertwined between my own
We walked slowly by the hedgerows where the rabbits watched the fun
And a pheasant used a gatepost for his throne
Though I hardly saw the beauty that was nature all around
When we fell into each other on a soft green patch of ground

When the sky turned peach and amber and the sun was burning gold
We were unaware of all the rest of life
And the day once young and tender grew so dignified and old
I was brave enough to ask you “be my wife”
Now there’ll never be another day as beautiful to me
But each day we spend together fills my heart with poetry

Author notes

I often wish I was the I in my poems!!!