Poetry by Jeff Green


Au Revoir

by cricketjeff on August 26, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I thought of you as Venus rose through sunset’s early rays,
    Her sparkle was the twinkle in your eyes.
She sang to me like birdsong at the start of summer days
    But all I heard were echoes of your sighs.
The sunset brought your golden hair, your peach-tinged smiling face.
    The deep blue skies the colour of your eyes.
The stars appeared to show me that you’ve reached your resting place,
    The milky way must be your final prize.
I’ll never live another day without you in my heart,
    Your silhouette is always in my eyes.
I can’t forgive the tragedy that tore our lives apart
    But holding you was Eden in disguise.
In happy sad reflection you are still my evening star,
I’ll never say goodbye to you, but only au revoir.