Poetry by Jeff Green


Friday evening!

by cricketjeff on August 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just listen to the hailstones playing drumbeats on the train
As August sun streams brightly through the show
Ahead of us it’s cloudless must be summer time again
A rainbow gives suburbia a glow

On Fridays it is easier to find an empty seat
Not everyone’s allowed an early start
The underground’s more civilised with weight kept off my feet
And space to sit a little bit apart

There’s sausages for dinner and some Yorkshire Pud beside
But first a detour through the local park
I’m looking through the bushes where the birds and berries hide
A blackberry pie is sure to hit the mark

With custard and some ice cream it’s a wonderful dessert
A glass of wine to wash it down, you know that that can’t hurt!